Fascia Boards

It is a ‘Proven Method’ the way we install fascia boards. First we remove the existing timber fascia boards then we install solid PCVu Fascia Boards straight onto the rafter ends. Prior to this we also replace the roof felt under the first row of tiles.

We offer a wide range of styles to suit your home including Decorative Fascia Boards to help keep in character with your property. We also offer many different colours including: white, black ash, light oak, rosewood and mahogany woodgrains.


It is important to make sure your roof is well vented, so we offer ‘Over Fascia Vents’ which fit directly to the top of the fascia board to ensure your roof space gets the ventilation it needs. This system also complies with the current building regulations.


We mainly use ‘Tongue & Groove Soffits’ which fit horizontal under the fascia board. We offer them in a variety of colours to match the fascia boards, or your can mix up the colours to suit your home, eg. black ash fascia boards and white soffits.


The most popular choices for guttering are ‘Half Round’ and ‘Square Line’. For the larger properties we have deep flow options including the decorative ‘Niagra‘. All our guttering and downpipes are available in white, black, grey and brown.


We offer a wide range of cladding systems. The most popular is ‘Standard Solid PVCu Shiplap Cladding’. We can also install our more exclusive belface cladding system which is available in a choice of 33 colours.

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